Terms of Service

Thank you for visiting our website. You may access or use the Website or related services in accordance with the following Terms of Service and any other regulations mentioned on this website. Using the Services, such as ordering items on this website, means you agree to all terms of service. This Agreement does not recognize any relationship (partnership, cooperation, employment or other form) between you and Stockholn. This agreement does not grant you as a representative of Stockholn. Stockholn reserves the right to change this website, related policies and agreements, privacy statements and these Terms of Service at any time. You should periodically visit this website to review the above policies and agreements, privacy statements, and updates or changes to these Terms of Service.


       Intellectual Property


      All software and content of the website (defined as, or including any text, audio or music, film, images, photographs and images) are Stockholn’s intellectual property works and are protected by intellectual property, copyright laws and international conventions. This website is for personal and non-commercial use only. The content may be used for any non-personal and/or non-commercial use only if expressly authorized by Stockholn and/or its third party licensors. You may not post, reproduce, sell or license any of the contents of this website without the consent or authorization of Stockholn. Any unauthorized act may result in civil or criminal penalties.


        Stockholn reserves the right to revoke or modify any service without notice. Stockholn is not responsible for any inapplicability of this website at any time or for any reason.


       Product Description


      Stockholn will endeavor to ensure that the content and product descriptions of this website are accurate and complete. However, Stockholn does not guarantee that the content and product descriptions are fully accurate, complete, current and correct. If you feel that the product offered by Stockholn does not match the description, please refer to Stockholn’s return and refund procedures.




      Unless an obvious error occurs, your order will be accepted upon payment as the price displayed on this website. While every effort has been made to ensure that all prices displayed on this website are accurate, We cannot guarantee that all prices are correct and that we reserves the right to correct any errors. If we find that any of the products you have ordered are in the wrong price, we will notify you as soon as possible, at which time you can choose to reconfirm or cancel the order. If Stockholn is unable to contact you, we will cancel the order.


       Accept Order


 When you enter your profile, payment profile and submit an order, we will send you an email to confirm receipt of the order. This email only confirms receipt of the order and does not represent an order acceptance. When Stockholn sends you an email confirming that the goods have been shipped, your order has been accepted and your contract with Stockholn has been completed. Only the items listed in the confirmation email sent when the item is shipped are included in the contract.


      Stockholn reserves the right to refuse to accept orders for any reason. Reasons include but are not limited to one of the following:


      a) The item you ordered is out of stock, or has been withdrawn because it failed to meet our quality standards or because one or all of the ordered items are eligible for shipping restrictions.


       b) Stockholn found the price or product description is incorrect


       c) Stockholn was unable to obtain a payment authorization


      d) You are not eligible for purchase as set out in the Terms of Service


      If there is any problem with your order, our customer service team will contact you as soon as possible.


      Delivery and Pickup


      When you place an order on the website, you will receive a reminder of the expected delivery time. Out team will try to complete the delivery within the expected time, but there is no guarantee that the goods will be delivered to you within the expected time.


      Stockholn insured each order during shipment until the item was delivered or was withdrawn. When you withdraw an item, you will need to sign the receipt confirmation. After signing, you are responsible for the goods. If the picker is not the original purchaser, or if the item is a gift, you accept the signing of the above person as proof of delivery which indicates that Stockholn has completed your order and you have accepted the relevant transfer of responsibility. Stockholn reserves the right to update the delivery policy at its sole discretion without prior notice.